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Love or Die Book 1 Live Love and Die Series

Love or Die Book 1 Live Love and Die Series - Lana Mowdy It has been a little over a year since Miranda Row escaped from her mentally and emotionally abusive ex-husband Ethan. She is spending her days raising her young daughter Elizabeth whom Ethan never met or had a chance to ruin, keeping herself busy with work, and doing her best to become beautiful in her own eyes. While she wishes that she could give Elizabeth the love and security of a family that she had growing up, she doesn't allow herself to grow close to any man in case he turns out to be like Ethan. Then she meets Dr. Zach Shannon, and she's not sure she can resist him, but she does her best regardless. As the days go by, however, she's not sure she's truly escaped Ethan.

This story is a very quick read filled with romance, and lots of suspense in regards to Miranda's past with Ethan, and some present elements of danger that have arisen. It takes place over the course of about two weeks with the last chapter's events happening six months later. As such, things happen incredibly fast, especially Zach's romantic pursuit of Miranda and Miranda allowing her defenses toward him to weaken. Unfortunately because of how short the story is - both in terms of time and the actual length - Zach's interest in Miranda often comes across as creepy and way too strong. At their third meeting (less than 48 hours since their first meeting), he tells her "When I first saw you in the park, I knew I couldn't resist until I made you mine." Had he said this later in their relationship, perhaps weeks or even months after their first meeting, it could have come off as romantic, but instead it raised a red flag in my head that I couldn't shake each time I read scenes that included him.

The mystery aspect of the story was very well done. At times you don't know if it's just Miranda's mind playing tricks on her, or her past causing her to be overly anxious, until the story progresses and there is no denying that there really is an actual threat. Although the clues were dropped from the very beginning, I had no idea exactly how the events would come together and was pleasantly surprised (and worried for Miranda's safety) when it was all revealed.

You can read more of my review at my blog: http://readerlymusings.com/2013/10/21/book-review-love-or-die-by-lana-mowdy/