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Starstruck in Seattle

Starstruck in Seattle - Juliet Madison Starstruck in Seattle is the story of a Anna Hilford, an actress with a recurring role on hit medical drama New Lives. With New Lives filming its fifth and final season, Anna wants to know if the show's leading man, Karl Drake, is her soul mate, after having once been told by a psychic her soul mates first name begins with the letter K. She sends an e-mail to Lulu asking for advice without knowing that Lulu is employed at New Angel, level Cloud Eight and Three Quarters, and is her guardian angel in matters of the heart.

The story opens up with an e-mail Anna has sent to Lulu signed 'Star Struck in Seattle' and then an average day in Anna's life on the set of medical drama New Lives (think the ABC show Grey's Anatomy but focusing on McDreamy as a doctor in the maternity ward). It doesn't seem like there's anything fantastical about this romantic comedy, until we get to see Lulu's response to Anna. She's an angel! And now that Anna has asked for her help, she's to go down to Earth and help connect Anna with her soul mate (who's first name does begin with the letter K, just like the psychic told her). What happens next are plenty of hijinks as Lulu tries to help Anna realize that it's not, in fact, Karl Drake who is her soul mate, but someone else on set.

You can read the rest of my review on my blog: http://readerlymusings.com/2013/10/09/book-review-starstruck-in-seattle-by-juliet-madison/