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Picture Me

Picture Me - Lori Weber As a victim of bullying (though thankfully not as severe as it could have been and is/was for many people), and someone who has been overweight most of her life, stories about bullying and body image are very important to me. Reading the description, I wanted to know more about Krista, Tessa, and even the bully (Chelsea). Unfortunately, this story was nothing like what I expected to read.

The story opens up well enough, establishing Tessa as Krista’s best friend and how she’s worried about Krista because of a poem’s (Barbie Girl, found here) final stanza, which their teacher, Ms. Bane, has asked her to read in front of the entire class – a stanza which sums up how a woman changes her looks based on others’ opinions and the only ‘happy ending’ for any woman is death. From there we see students laughing and mocking Krista. In the fourth chapter, things get worse for Krista when she finds a Photoshopped picture of herself looking like a monster taped to her locker with the words “Krista, the Goodyear Barbie” written underneath. From there, things go downhill. Some moments prior to that, even, served as a warning.

Told from three thirteen-year-old girls’ points of view, almost in diary format, I expected to get a good glimpse into each of their lives and how they deal with the results of Chelsea putting up that picture. But Lori Weber switched back and forth between the three girls so quickly, it was hard to get a sense of them when you wanted to stick with them for just a bit longer Not to mention the times she left one of their diary entries on a sort of cliffhanger and then seemed to include them somewhat out of place to keep her Tessa, Krista, Chelsea, Tessa, Krista, Chelsea, etc. order intact.

You can read the rest of my review at my blog: http://readerlymusings.com/2013/09/29/book-review-picture-me-by-lori-weber/