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All My Friends Are Superheroes: Tenth Anniversary Edition

All My Friends Are Superheroes: Tenth Anniversary Edition - Andrew Kaufman Tom and the Perfectionist were married on August 14, but the Perfectionist hasn't seen Tom since their reception. Her ex-boyfriend, Hypno, hypnotized her so Tom is invisible to her - and only her. Now six months later, she's on her way to Vancouver to start a new life, one without Tom, but Tom's going to do whatever he can to make her see he's sitting right there next to her.

The first thing that attracted me to All My Friends are Superheroes was the title, but then the passion with which my friend Hannah (who had yet to read it herself) talked about it really convinced me to read it, and I am so glad I did. It was a short read for me - I read it in one sitting - but the characters and their superhero abilities were so well thought out, and the story so enjoyable that it's one I am sure I will be rereading at some point in the future.

The superheroes are not necessarily what one would call "superheroes" in the traditional sense of Superman, Spiderman, etc. Yes, they have superhero names, but they do not have secret identities, or costumes (at least, most of them don't have the latter). Instead they live among the "regulars," and go by a name of their own choosing rather than their birth name. In fact, there are so many superheroes (249 in Toronto alone), that they find "regulars" like Tom to be fascinating. All the superheroes are funny and recognizable, almost stereotypes, and yet they're so original and well-developed.

The story itself is interesting, with Tom trying so desperately to make the Perfectionist see him and realize he's there, but not being able to because of the adverse reactions she's had when he's touched her in the past. Though it starts with Tom and the Perfectionist waiting for the plane to Vancouver, Andrew Kaufman manages to weave in some great scenes from the past six months (and even before) seamlessly. It ends so simply and so beautifully, you know everything is going to be okay.

You can read the rest of my review at my blog: http://readerlymusings.com/2013/10/15/book-review-all-my-friends-are-superheroes-by-andrew-kaufman/