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Hunting Shadows

Hunting Shadows - Charles Todd Inspector Ian Rutledge has been sent to the English countryside to investigate two murders with nothing in common but the killer. With the sole witness to either crime unwilling to talk, facts that don’t add up, and the killer seeming to have a military background, Rutledge has a tough road ahead of him if he wants to find answers to the questions who and why.

Hunting Shadows is the 16th book in the Inspector Ian Rutledge series by Charles Todd. Prior to receiving an ARC of the book in the mail, I was unaware of this fact. When I realized it, I was worried because I have previously had some bad experiences reading series out of order. Thankfully Hunting Shadows was very easy to follow and I was sucked in from the very first pages – even before Inspector Rutledge appeared. At no point while reading this book did I feel lost or like I had missed out on anything by not reading the fifteen previous books first (though I do want to read them at some point in the future because of Charles Todd’s wonderful storytelling and the incredible character of Inspector Rutledge.

Inspector Ian is a well-developed, likeable, and intriguing character. He was left broken by the first World War and is suffering from shell shock (now known, of course, as PTSD) which manifests in him hearing the voice of a fallen comrade, Hamish, in his head. He keeps this side of himself a secret out of necessity and his struggles to do so are very realistic and one can’t help but feel for him. The voice of Hamish took me by surprise, but I found myself adjusting to it fairly easily and it only served to make me love Rutledge even more.

You can read the rest of my review at my blog: http://readerlymusings.com/2014/02/16/book-review-hunting-shadows-by-charles-todd